To provide a safe, fun, hands-on and high quality learning experience

where homeschooling families can come together

as a community and build relationships.


To promote a community where homeschool parents

retain choices about their children's education.

To offer, fun, hands-on enrichment classes for all subjects. 

We believe in teaching good character, teaching accountable, responsibility,

integrity, kindness, compassion & how to work well with others.

We believe in helping students to learn their gifts.


What We Do

Homeschool Enrichment Centers (HEC) provides a safe place where homeschool families can come together, take classes, participate in community events & field trips and receive support and encouragement from knowledgeable people & one another. Whether they are looking for a couple of enrichment classes, extra-curricular classes or core classes, homeschool families can find it here. HEC offers a healthy environment where parents feel welcomed, and children in grades TK-12 can learn. We offer community building activities & events such as fall festivals, thanksgiving feasts, entrepreneurship fairs, valentine’s exchanges & an end of the year books celebration.


How Classes Work

The campus is open three days a week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, during the regular school year. Homeschool Enrichment Centers leases with the church campus facility. HEC will ensure the space is appropriate for the needs of the instructors and the safety and well being of the children. HEC will list available classes & events on its website and provide the tools for parents to register their children for the classes. Parents will pay a small annual membership fee to HEC each school year. HEC does not collect funds for the classes taught. Parents pay the vendors directly choosing to pay out of pocket or use charter funds from their charter school.

We are different than learning pods, traditional public & private schools

HEC is not a school & not a tutoring center. We are an enrichment center & instill the love of learning in every child. We are different because we believe in hands-on learning for all of our enrichment classes. We believe children learn better & retain knowledge by hands-on learning, through art, crafts, constructing, writing, critical thinking & through projects & everyday life.


Our teachers teach the students to LOVE learning & challenge them to continue learning when they go home. With our enrichment classes, we believe all students should learn at their own pace. Although some classes will assign work beyond the classroom, because we are not a school, it is up to the parent to decide on how much more to learn beyond in class. But many students develop a love of what they're learning in class to continue learning when they get home.


High school students are also being challenged in our enrichment classes & hands-on sciences. 

Why are students in classes with multiple grades?

With our enrichment classes, we feel students learn best by learning with students that are older & younger than them. We feel that students learn better & it creates responsibility & respect for all ages. 

Classes Available

Reading, Language Arts, IEW, Music, Math for all grades, Sciences, PE, Archery, Sewing, Chess, Cooking, Robotics, Cake Decorating, Multiple Foreign Languages, Video Game Design, Social studies, Theater, Art, social studies and many more.


The Need

Why is this necessary for homeschoolers? It gives homeschoolers the ability to meet other homeschooler families & builds relationships within the homeschool community. It gives homeschool parents more time to work on the subjects they have a gift in & use our services to help in subjects they need help in.