About HEC

HEC's Philosophy

To Ignite the joy of learning in our students with hands-on learning, engaging interaction & critical thinking, while teaching students good character, responsibility, compassion & how to work well with others

What We Do

Homeschool Enrichment Centers (HEC) provides a safe place where homeschool families can come together, take Elective or CORE classes, participate in community events & field trips and receive support and encouragement from knowledgeable people & one another, all to Enrich your homeschool journey.

Whether you are looking for a couple of enrichment classes, extra-curricular classes or core classes, homeschool families can find it here.

HEC offers a healthy environment where parents feel welcomed, and children in grades TK-12 can learn. We offer community building activities & events such as Trunk or Treat, thanksgiving feasts, entrepreneurship fairs, a valentine’s exchange and an Easter Egg Hunt.