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To Ignite the joy of learning in our students with hands-on learning, engaging interaction & critical thinking, while teaching students good character, responsibility, compassion & how to work well with others


Homeschool Enrichment Centers (HEC) provides a safe place where homeschool families can come together, take Elective or CORE classes, participate in community events & field trips and receive support and encouragement from knowledgeable people & one another, all to Enrich your homeschool journey.

Whether you are looking for a couple of enrichment classes, extra-curricular classes or core classes, homeschool families can find it here. HEC offers a healthy environment where parents feel welcomed, and children in grades TK-12 can learn. We offer community building activities & events such as Trunk or Treat, thanksgiving feasts, entrepreneurship fairs, a valentine’s exchange and an Easter Egg Hunt.

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How HEC works

Homeschool Enrichment Centers is an in-person community for homeschooling families that provides: classes, field trips, on-campus events, and knowledgable staff members for all your homeschooling questions.

Families choose HEC to outsource their child's core classes, to take enrichment classes, for social community, field trip opportunities, or take advantage of our drop off program.

HEC requires each student to purchase an annual membership. 

This gives you access to register for classes, field trips, and partake in community events.


HEC does not keep records or require vaccinations.

HEC is not a school

We do not choose how you school your child, but instead partner with you

We offer classes Monday- Friday between all 5 of our locations (Lakeside, Bonita, Del Cerro, and Riverside). You get to choose what classes you want your child to take. Whether it is 1 class, 3 classes, or a full day. We offer a variety of options.

Each class is paid for a- a-carte directly to the vendor/ teacher.

Parents must stay on campus OR take advantage of our drop off program.

We offer early drop off, half day morning/ afternoon, full day, and extended care options.

*Please check campus locations to confirm what is offered*


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