Charter Funds

Annual Membership Fee: You are able to register and enroll in classes now with payment of HEC’s $45 annual membership fee. The $45 fee can be paid out of pocket conveniently online by credit card or eCheck. Charter Enrichment Certificates/PO are not accepted for the annual membership fee. This needs to be paid in order to save your spot in classes. If you register without payment of the membership fee, your classes will be dropped. Please contact HEC if you need to make payment arrangements.


Class Fee Payments: Each class needs to be paid individually with Charter Funds or out-of-pocket to each individual vendor. All Vendors working with HEC accept at least Inspire. Several accept more. Please see the individual class details on the registration page for all Charters accepted by each vendor. Vendors will also need a PO or Enrichment Certificate from your charter before attending classes.


Upon enrolling in classes, you are required to order your enrichment certificate with your charter. You will be required to email a photo of such ordering (via screen shot) to each vendor showing proof of ordering within 5 days of ordering. If this is not done, your child will be dropped from those classes. Your child will not be able to attend classes unless their Enrichment Certificate or payment is received. The Enrichment Certificate needs to be received BEFORE classes begin.

Fall ordering of charter funds during the summer: Inspire Enrichment Certificates can be ordered right away before funds are dropped. It will sit in your account until approved. Please take a snapshot of the order & email it to the vendor/teacher. Other charters Purchase Orders need to be ordered upon funds dropping in July or August for other charters.

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