Charter Funds

Charter Funds are accepted for both Membership & for classes

Charter funds are accepted for HEC membership. Membership Services cannot start until a purchase order (enrichment certificate) is received.

Charter funds are accepted for field trips & events. Please pay according to instructions in each description.

Charter funds are accepted for vendor's classes & camps. Please pay according to instructions in each description.

Enrichment Certificates: 

AFTER registering for your classes with HEC & paying the membership fee of $45 per student. Place your purchase orders (Order Enrichment Certificates) through your charter to each individual class vendor/teacher. Be sure to pay the class fee to the vendor NOT HEC. Be sure to place the enrichment certificates early enough for the vendors/teachers to receive them before classes start. You may need to email your Educational Facilitator and request the purchase order is expedited. The enrichment certificate needs to be received BEFORE classes begin or your child will NOT be able to start their classes on time.

Summer Registration: Ordering Enrichment Certificates over the summer:

You can register for HEC classes when registration opens, with the purchase of a membership. Saving spots with membership is a benefit of membership. As soon as your funds drop in July-August, you will need to order funds to pay each vendor/teacher for the classes that you have registered in. Vendors are aware of the dates that funding is dropped & aware of the delay.

Accepted Charters:

Vendors working with HEC a variety of charters. Please see the individual class descriptions for all charters accepted by a specific vendor. Vendors will need an enrichment certificate from your charter before your student can attend classes. ALL Vendors are open to accepting new charters. Reach out to any vendor/teacher if needed.


*Summer activities cannot be accept charter funds.