If you register for more than 10 classes per ONE STUDENT, you will get a 10% discount off all your classes
(8% discount off 2 hour a week classes).
You would simply just take 10% off (or 8% off 2 hour a week classes) the posted class fee when sending payment or ordering your enrichment funds from your charter.​

  • Discount applies if you register in 10 or more classes per student.

  • *Classes that are 2 Hour hours a week would be considered 2 classes with the exception of Theater at 2:00pm (this is considered 1 class), but are only discounted 8% due to these classes already being discounted in price.

  • Please take 10% off your payment to each vendor if you are registering for 10 or more classes.

  • Please round up the discount.

  • Applies to classes only.

  • Does not apply to Field trips, Summer Camps, Events , Lunch Bunch, Extended Care/Early drop-off, Supervision fees, tutoring Academic support & Memberships do not apply. These are NOT classes.

  • Please note in payment or email vendor the reason why it is 10% off. DO NOT TAKE 10% OFF IF YOU ARE NOT REGISTERING FOR 10 OR MORE CLASSES.

  • If you drop below 10 classes, you will be required to pay the vendors the difference owed.

  • 10% does not apply to supplies, materials or extra fees needed for classes

  • 1  1/2 hour classes are considered to be ONE class.

  • This discount cannot be combined with any other discount

  • Other restrictions may apply