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Meet HEC's Amazing Teachers

Stephanie Abney

Mrs. Abney graduated with AS and BA degrees, as well as a CA credential for K-12. She also is an Accredited IEW teacher and has more than 27 years classroom and homeschooling experience. She homeschooled two adult sons---one with ADD, grades K-12, and is currently homeschooling her third who is a sixth grader. Her experience includes curriculum building, teaching the IEW writing method, and teaching grades K-12 in the traditional classroom as well as zoom classroom in all subjects. Her teaching style has evolved thru the years from traditional to now eclectic/unschooling. She believes a variety of games, activities, manipulatives, and other hands on projects increases retention and understanding of the subject matter which makes learning enjoyable and interesting. She believes children who enjoy learning become self-learners later. She passionately believes in the importance of reading aloud to children, allowing children to see their parents enjoying reading, and encouraging children to read every day themselves. She believes this cultivates good readers which in turn creates good writers. In her free time she enjoys sewing her daughter’s clothes as well as occasional clothing items for her grown sons and husband. She also tries to create whole food plant based meals that her meat eating family will tolerate.


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Classes: IEW Geography themed Writing,  English Language Arts & Writing with Narnia IEW, Fun & Fascinating Writing IEW Writing, Medieval themed IEW Writing, High School Chemistry, High School Biology, Hands-On Grammar, Spelling & Vocabulary,  Science Around the World: Biomes, from Pole to Pole & Math Games 

Charter Business Name: Stephanie Abney 

Accepts the following charters:
 Freedom, PCA,CPA, Excel , Pending MVA She is willing to accept others upon request

Payment Methods: Venmo:@SAAbney; PayPal: @abneyteach 
Pay only using the Friends & Family option or add an additional 5% for service fee

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