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How Does It Work?

Homeschool Enrichment Centers (HEC) is a learning center. We are not a school. Think of HEC as a tutoring center or rec center that offers classes. We offer full core classes, enrichment & elective classes for preschool through High School. Since we are not a school, we do not have records or keep grades. You, the parent, are the teacher and should be keeping grades OR if you are with a independent study charter, then your charter will. We are here to help you in your homeschool journey to supplement classes. You can take as little or as many classes as you choose. You can take one or you can take 15, it is up to you.
And YES, you can homeschool High School through HEC and it can count as credit to graduate! 
Please see below for many questions you may have.

Children going to school

Is HEC a school?

No Because we are not registered with the state of CA as a school, and you do not need to stay on campus full days, 5 days a week, we are not a school. Therefore students can attend whether you are an independent homeschool, with a psp or with a charter. Any child is welcome!

Art Class

What are we?

We are a learning center offering both electives & core subject classes for preschool through High School. We operate like a university, but for kids, where you can choose as little or as many classes as you wish.


How does it work?

You choose however many classes you want. There is no minimum or maximum. All classes are a-la-carte. You can choose enrichment or core classes. We are like a college but for kids, where you choose your schedule, yet you are still the teacher & continue to make the decisions of how to homeschool with just the benefit of farming out core classes or simply having enrichment for your child, simply getting a break or needing that social time.

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Will I have to supplement any core subjects at home if my child is taking all core subjects?

No, for any core subjects, your child will be sent home with school work to do at home on their days they are not at HEC. This includes partial core classes such as writing classes.

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Do I have to stay on campus?

Yes & no. If your child is only in 1-2 classes or has gaps in between classes, you still are required to stay on campus with your child. We are not a school & for safety reasons you will need to stay on campus unless you pay for extra daycare services & liability. We have tables all round the campus & a Parent room for anybody to sit. We also have an enclosed playground for our kids and for younger siblings to play.

Backyard entertainment

What is the cost of each class?

Classes are all charged by the vendors/teachers. Classes can average between $225 to $300 for a 1 hour a week class for each 16 week semester. For classes that are more than 1 hour a week, they can range from $350-$600 depending on how many hours they are.

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Where do I register for classes?

In the drop down options on the homepage, go to "REGISTER"; then go to Register for Classes. There you will find all of our classes for both campuses. You can filter by subject, day or time.


Where do I register for the Drop-Off program?

The Drop-Off programs are located in the same place as the classes are. You would add them to your cart like you do with your classes. You will be charged for the drop-off options at the time you checkout.

Dollar Notes

Why do you charge for the Drop-Off option?

Because each class is paid separately to each teacher/vendor, the Drop-Off option is paid directly to HEC to pay for our liability & to the campus aides for the supervision. This is also for safety reasons for any urgent cases or emergencies, we will be able to account for each child without a parent.

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Why can't I just drop off with gaps for my child to study or hangout?

We are not a daycare & do not offer childcare services. We are a learning center & our focus is on educational classes; not childcare. We do offer an extended childcare for working parents before 9:00am after 3:00pm at an additional cost. 


How come at checkout their is a "$0" balance? 

There is a $0 balance for classes because the fees for classes go directly to each instructor or vendor. There is no way for us to collect for all 30 of our instructors through our website.

First Time Membership

Why is there a membership?

The membership is a benefit that allows you to register for classes, field trips & take part of our fun activities throughout the year. This fee pays for our insurance, campus needs, activities & other costs.

Credit Card Purchase

It looks like I was charged $60 for a class.

That $60 is not a charge for class, but our annual membership fee. Once you add a class to your cart, it attaches the membership fee as a registration.


How long is the membership good for?

The $60 membership is good for the school year from August through August. The membership is also good at both campuses.

Holding Bills

How do I pay for my classes if you don't charge me for them at checkout?

In each class description, it gives the method of payment that each instructor/vendor accepts, such as Venmo, Paypal. Check or Zelle.

If you are using Charter Funds

Upon registration, All classes REQUIRE a $50 non-refundable deposit paid directly to each instructor/vendor for each class, in order to save your spot in the class. If your charter funds have not dropped yet, you have 2 options:

1) Register now & pay the $50 non-refundable registration fee per class, out of pocket. This $50 goes towards the class fee. *Check with your charter if this is allowed

2) Register later, when your charter funds drop to pay both the vendor's registration & the class fee.

Helpful Hints to create a workable schedule:

  • Use our Pre-Chosen Core Schedules *Find it under the Classes drop-down tab

  • Use our Printable Schedule *Find it under the classes drop-down menu

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