Spring 2021

Class Schedule

Each semester is 16 weeks

Released November 30th & Semester Starts January 26, 2021

Early Registration Opens December 6th & December 8th to the public


Instructions (please read):

  1. Click the CLASS SCHEDULE button below

  2. The Class Schedule will open a Google Sheet opening a new window

  3. The sheet is organized by Day and Time

    • Tuesday at top, Wednesday in middle, Thursday at bottom

  4. Each class title includes Teacher Name, Class Name, Grade Level

    • For Example "Hinke Advanced Guitar 5-12"

  5. Hover over a class title, a link will appear.

    • Click the link to go to details of the class, opening a new window.​ (See Sample Below)

  6. To look for a specific subject type "Control F" & a tiny window will pop-up at the top of your screen.Type into that box any keywords to search, such as searching for "SPANISH".


Click below: 


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