Spring 2022 Semester


Please read all below before registering

  1. All classes require a $50 non-refundable deposit. (If paying with Charter funds skip to # 4)

  2. Payment goes directly to each vendor/teacher. Read class description for details on how to pay each one.

  3. You CANNOT wait to pay. The system may say this, but in the detailed description it says you CANNOT wait to pay. Immediate payment is required to save your spot or you will be dropped.

  4. If you are with a charter & paying with charter funds (an enrichment certificate or PO) the teacher/vendor needs to receive the enrichment certificate within 5 business days or your child will be dropped from the class. ​*Ask your assigned charter teacher to expedite payment.

  5. A max of 5 classes at a time per student may be held with enrichment certificates without paying a $50 non-refundable deposit.

  6. If payment or enrichment certificate is not received within the times above, your student will be dropped from their classes.

  7. Only 5 enrichment certificates are allowed per student at a time, when holding spots in classes.

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