Covid-19 Plan


What an unprecedented time we are in. I know many of you have

a lot of concerns about our in-person classes. I hope that this may

answer many of your questions.

  1. Because of State CDC mandated guidelines, facial coverings are supposed to be required.

    1. Per CDC guidelines, students 2nd grade & below are not required to wear a mask in classroom settings, but are still encouraged to wear one.

    2. We understand there are medical & health exemptions, therefore will not be policing this. If you OR your child have an exemption, HEC will honor that & will not question you, trusting that you are able to make these decisions on your own. Please let the teacher/vendor know if your child has an exemption.

      1. Cooking classes every child will be required to wear a face shield, which will be provided to each student at each class. 

  2. If you or your child have a cough, fever, sore throat, cold or are sick in general, stay home. If your child has allergies, which can look like illness symptoms, please get a doctors note to show that he is not sick. This is for the protection of you & other students.

  3. Social distancing is done to the best of our ability wherever practicable in classrooms & out.

    • Families: Per CDC guidelines, please social distance where it is practicable. Because we are not a school, but a homeschool center & parents are supposed to stay on campus, it is up to each parent to enforce this with their families outside of class.

  4. COVID precaution signs are all over the campus, reminding families to social distance, wear a facial covering & to wash or sanitize your hands regularly & to not come onto the campus if they have been sick.

  5. All teachers will be wearing a facial covering. Some will wear a shield so that the students are able to see the teachers face expressions while teaching.

  6. Per CDC guidelines, parents or any other adults, beside the teacher, are not allowed in the classrooms during class time. Some vendors already do not allow parents in the room. And some rooms are too small & would be a hazard. But per CDC guidelines, no other adults can be in the room while kids are in the room.

    1. The exception is the Parent Room (which is not a classroom). This room is a designated area for parents to quietly hangout while their child is in class OR for their children to sit with them & quietly do their school work with their parents supervising. Facial coverings are required in this room until you are sitting at your table.​

    2. The other exception is the Mommy & Me preschool class. This class will allow 1 parent to be in the room with the child.

  7. Cleaning/Disinfecting

    1. Each teacher sanitizes their tables in between classes & sanitizes their classrooms at the end of the day.

    2. All HEC campus outside tables & parent room tables are sanitized at the end of each day.

    3. The bathrooms are sanitized once per day & at the end of the day.

  8. Hand sanitizer stations are set up in 4 different locations on the campus.

  9. Students are encouraged to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer throughout the day while in class.

  10. Classroom doors are opened every hour for ventilation.

  11. Teachers will also be giving students outside stretch breaks outside if their classes are longer than 1 hour.

  12. Outside classrooms may not require facial coverings. Teachers will keep distancing as practicable.

  13. Most classes maximum is at 12-14 students per class depending on the size of the classroom.

  14. All other rules still apply in regards to refunds, safety & policies stated in our HEC parent agreement. This is in addition & does not replace the HEC parent agreement & policies of HEC.

  15. We ask families to provide a box of Kleenex & cleaning/antiseptic wipes & disinfectant spray to help alleviate costs for HEC & our vendors. On top of this, each student needs to bring their own hand sanitizers & small Kleenex.

  16. ALL persons on campus will be required to sign COVID waiver. You will not be able to attend classes if this is not done.