Covid-19 Contingency

Registration Plan 




What an unprecedented time we are in. I know many of you have a lot of concerns about registering for classes. I hope that this may answer many of your questions. We are making decisions based on fully in-person classes at this time, but are preparing as needed for any modifications that we may be required to do as an operating business.

  1. As usual, at the time of registration, membership will need to be purchased in order to save spots in classes. There is a payment plan for those that need it. You can save your spot in classes now & then pay later for classes, when funds drop. If you are paying out of pocket for classes, please pay a $25 deposit for each class to the vendor. Their payment method is stated on their class description page.

  2. Please do not enroll in classes that you do not intend to take. There is to be no doubling up on classes at the same time.

  3. If the state has NOT lifted the "stay-at-home"order at the time our Fall semester starts (September 8-10), we will be required to change to online classes. All vendors will be using the Zoom platform. At this time, those families who wish not to continue with online classes, will have the option to be FULLY REFUNDED of membership & any class fees that may have been paid to the vendor. Some classes may need to be modified.

    • 3 Hour Drop-Off class will be modified to 55 minute, and may modify the teaching to fit the needs of the students & class fee will be reduced drastically.

    • PE classes will be modified to fit on a zoom screen & to do in home

    • Cooking classes will either provide materials for classes or refund partially for the supplies not being provided. Please know that all cooking classes usually only cook a small amount & cannot provide materials to feed a whole family each class. Such as: the class might make 2 pies to share between 15 students. So, the teacher cannot provide supplies for a student to make a whole pie at home.

    • Art & Sewing classes will provide materials under the discretion of the vendor​

  4.  If the state/CDC or district still requires the wearing of masks or the 6 feet social distancing order by the time the semester is supposed to start (September 8-10), then we will make the decision to NOT start in-person classes & therefore go to online classes, in which ALL FAMILIES will have the same option to get FULL REFUNDS as stated above.

  5. If we start the semester & are required to go to online classes in the middle of the semester, refunds will not be issued & classes will continue. The 3 hour drop off class will have to be modified as the young students cannot sit for 3 hours in a Zoom. 

  6. If we start in-person classes, we will be taking extra precautions required by our district or state. We will be wiping down tables throughout the day & encouraging hand washing regularly. Any students that have sick symptoms may not be allowed to attend classes. If your child has allergies, which can look like illness symptoms, please get a doctors note to show that he is not sick. This is for the protection of you & other students.

  7. We will ask the families to provide a box of Kleenex, antiseptic wipes & hand sanitizer to help alleviate costs for HEC & our vendors.

  8. We will be starting our class maximum at 12 students per class. If needed, we might need to bring it down to 10 students per class.

  9. All other rules still apply in regards to refunds stated in our HEC parent agreement.

  10. Max of $180 for memberships for all families with more than four children. 10% discount on membership fee for all military families. Cannot combine both discounts. Discounts only applies to those paying out of pocket for membership fees. Proof of active military needs to be provided. Discounts do not apply to class fees.

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