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Covid-19 Policies


We know many of you have a lot of concerns about our in-person

classes. We hope that this may answer many of your questions.

  1. HEC would never require anyone to have any vaccine as we feel this is a personal choice, would be an infringement on your freedom & is not our place to require this!

  2. If you or your child have a cough, fever, sore throat, cold or are sick in general, stay home. If your child has allergies, which can look like illness symptoms, please let the teachers know ahead of time so they are aware.

  3. COVID precaution signs are placed on the campus.

  4. Cleaning/Disinfecting: HEC & teachers clean their classrooms at the end of each day.

  5. Students are encouraged to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer throughout the day while in class. Please bring your own hand sanitizer if you wish your student not to use the sanitizer at HEC.

  6. Classroom doors are opened every hour for ventilation.

  7. ALL persons on campus will be required to sign COVID waiver. You will not be able to attend classes if this is not done which is done upon registration on the Sawyer registration account when checking out.

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