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Is HEC a school?

HEC is not a school. We are a learning, enrichment center. Anyone is welcome to attend classes. Independent homeschoolers, charter students, PSP students, public school students & private school students are all welcome to enroll with HEC.

What Homeschool Enrichment Centers does:

  • Offers a regular support system for homeschool and charter school families.
  • Fosters a lifelong love of learning and an appreciation for the arts helping to equip the next generation of leaders to excel in the home & the marketplace
  • Helps parents in choosing curriculum and filing private school affidavits or choosing a charter.

What Homeschool Enrichment Centers Does Not Do:

  • Assign or file grades with parents or the state
  • Record, receive, or file medical records
  • File attendance records with the state
  • Replace the parent as the main educator in the child’s life


  • Is the $60 Membership Fee paid to HEC refundable?

No, the fee is not refundable. Membership cannot be transferred to another student. Membership cannot be transferred to another year.

  • Can I register for classes anytime?

Registration is closed for classes after the 10th week of each semester. Core classes are closed for new registration after the 6th week of each semester. Memberships can be purchased at any time & field trips & events are open to register at any time up until the day

  • Is the fee refundable for day camps?

No, anything paid for day camps is nonrefundable.

  • Are Field trips refundable?

No, field trips are not refundable unless we cancel the field trip.


  • Do I have to pay the $60 membership fee every semester?

The annual $60 membership fee is good for the whole school year August 22, 2022 through Mary 31st, 2023 (for both semesters). There is no prorating membership if entering the school year 2nd semester. 

  • Do you offer discounts for Military?

Because each class is paid to each individual teacher, HEC does not offer military discounts. We do offer sibling discounts. See below.


  • Do you offer a discount for multiple children in the same family (siblings only)?

HEC will cap the membership fees at $240 for multiple children in one family if paying out of pocket for the memberships. Email the director to get a coupon code to use at checkout. Discounts cannot be combined. This discount only applies to those paying the membership fee out of pocket (not using charter funds).


  • How do I drop a semester class?

Our registration system does not allow you to drop classes yourself. Please email the teacher directly to drop their class. They cannot exchange classes & cannot drop other teacher's classes. Classes cannot be dropped after the 2nd week of the semester. If you attended a class, you will be prorated & will pay for the registration fee for that class too.

  • Does registering on HEC automatically hold my child’s spot in a semester class?

No. The vendor/instructor needs to receive a non-refundable registration/cancellation fee upon registering or your child will be dropped from the class.

  • Can I make payments for individual classes?

If you are registered for our Drop-Off Academy of 10 or more classes & paying out of pocket for these classes, there is a payment plan option. Please see those options under the Instructions tab under Drop-Off Academy.

  • What is the deadline to drop a semester class? 

You have 2 weeks to drop a class. YOU MUST CONTACT THE VENDOR BEFORE THE 3RD WEEK OF CLASS starts. Fees will need to be prorated for the classes that your child attended including losing the registration/cancellation fee.

  • Are classes pro-rated if we start late?

There are no prorating of classes until after the 6th week of the semester. There will be no more than 45% prorating of classes

  • Are there refunds on semester classes through the vendors?

Fees will need to be prorated for the classes that your child attended. The vendor may take a supply fee in addition. No refunds after this. This is unfair to the vendor as the vendor prepared for you child by purchasing supplies & saved a spot for your child & now cannot fill that spot.

  • Do you accept charter funds/purchase orders from charters for Membership Fees?

Yes, HEC accepts purchase orders (enrichment certificates) for membership fees from some charters. A purchase order (enrichment certificate) must be received in order for membership to start. HEC accepts PCA, Cabrillo, Mission Vista & Freedom Academy.

*If you are paying for membership with charter funds, order funds to be paid to Homeschool Enrichment Centers ONLY for the membership. Please send the director an email letting me know that you ordered the funds & for you & your child's name & contact information. As soon we receive them, we will email you a coupon code to use at your checkout of ordering membership. Once membership is purchased, you can register for your classes on our website, THEN order your funds to pay the classes to the individual vendors right away. The vendor needs to receive your either an enrichment certificate within 5 business days or a non-refundable registration /cancellation fee right way or you will be dropped from class.

  • Is HEC an approved vendor?

Yes, HEC is an approved vendor for Pacific Coast, Cabrillo, Mission Vista & Freedom Academy.

  • Can I pay for my classes with charter funds before I pay for membership?

No, you will need to wait until your membership is paid for either by out of pocket payment at checkout OR by charter funds with an enrichment certificate (purchase order).


  • What other types of payment do you accept?

HEC Visa or MasterCard for the annual $60 membership fee upon checking out on our website. Or we accept charter fund purchase order payments.


  • How do I pay for classes with charter funds?

When your funds drop, you will order an Enrichment Certificate or PO for each class with each vendor separately. But you need to register for classes on our website first or you might not have a spot saved for you. If you do not register with us first, you will not be guaranteed to get into the class since you didn't save your spot first.


  • What if I am paying cash for classes?

If you are paying cash for classes, you will need to pay each vendor a $50 non-refundable registration/cancellation fee to save the classes your child is enrolled in. Then full payment is due before your child can attend the first day of class.


  • How do I save my child’s classes if my charter doesn’t disperse funds until later in the summer?

If you are registering for classes ahead of time, you are able to save your child’s spot by paying the annual school membership. The vendor needs to receive your enrichment certificate within 5 business of registering. If your child’s Enrichment Certificate/PO is not received within 5 business days, your child will be dropped from the class.


  • Can I save a few spots in classes now & then drop what classes I don’t want later?

NO! This is not ok to save spots in classes that you do not intend to take. This is not right to other students who may want those spots & it isn’t fair to the vendors as they are not able to fill their classes or are purchasing supplies. If you are enrolled in classes, doubling up on the same time you will be dropped from the classes that the director chooses to drop without notice. 


  • Are there instructions on how to register?

Yes, these are under the Instructions drop-down option on the website.


  • Can parents stay on campus? 

Yes, you can stay on campus. Many parents stay on campus. We have a parent room where parents go to do work or to hang out with other parents. Kids can go into the parent room with their parents to quietly do homeschool work. There is to be no playing in the parent room.

      - We also have a playground where parents hangout with their little ones while            their older ones are in class.

  • Can kids be dropped off?

Yes, if you register for a drop-off half-day or full day option or our Drop-Off Academy. (see more details under Instructions tab).

  • Why are students in classes with multiple grades?

With our enrichment classes, we feel students learn best by learning with students that are older & younger than them. We feel that students learn better & it creates responsibility & respect for all ages. 


  • Can I sit in with my child in class?

That is entirely up to the vendor. Each vendor has their own guidelines. But, you may not stay in the room if you have another child (including younger children on your lap) that could be a distraction or that has not paid the class fee to participate. If they are of age to take classes &/or want to participate, they must pay for the class. HEC also has safety guidelines. These rooms are not big enough to handle having many students on top of the parents in the room as there are room capacities.


  • Can I volunteer in the classroom?

If the vendor/teacher wants a volunteer, then yes. You will be required to get a Livescan background check, paying for this out of pocket. Please ask the director for a form to bring with you in which you.


  • Are the High School classes full credit courses?

The teachers attempt to choose and/or create a curriculum to meet the CA standards, however as you know with homeschooling, it is the parents responsibility (if you are with a charter) to ensure the curriculum taught, meets the needs of each student. HEC does not guarantee that classes will or will not meet CA standards. I encourage you to discuss the class with the instructor of the class (& your charter teacher if you are with a charter) to ensure the class meets your expected needs.

  • Does HEC offer Field Trips & events?

Yes. Please see each individual description of each field trip on how to pay for each one. These do not get paid directly to HEC.


  • Is this an Allergy Friendly Campus?

Because HEC is not the only people that use this campus as it is shared with three different congregations/groups, we cannot guarantee a fully safe campus free from allergens. We are an Allergy Aware Campus & we do not allow any food in any of the classrooms during our class days unless it is a vendor approved, allergy fee, class activity that the vendor is doing with the class. The vendor will contact each parent to let them know ahead of time. The only room that is allowed food is the Parent room, room 4. But we do ask that as you are getting to know friends, that you are aware of their allergies. The playground is a NO NUTS area. No nuts are allowed on the playground at all. This is to keep it safe for our students so they do not have to worry about being in danger while playing with friends on the play equipment.


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