Parent / Student Agreement 

to HEC Policies & Rules



Homeschool Enrichment Centers is not a school. Parents should not consider HEC to be a school. We provide a location for Parents and Vendors to come together. Homeschooling Parents are aware that it is their responsibility to ensure the classes scheduled for their students are appropriate. 


Unsupervised children: Children are not allowed on the campus without supervision of either a parent or using the "drop-off” service provided through registration. We are not a babysitting service where you can simply leave your child unsupervised & not in classes for the day. This means that your child should be supervised while not in class, be enrolled in classes at all times and be enrolled in our "drop-off" service which can be added to your registration for an additional fee of $32 for half day or $70 for full day (which includes Lunch Bunch Supervision) per semester. See below for “DROP-Off” Service policies.

Your children may not be in a class if you have not properly enrolled them on the HEC website, paid the $60 membership fee AND paid for the class.


HEC has not reviewed course content, materials or syllabus for any of the classes. Determination of the appropriateness of the content, rigor or fit for your student’s needs is your responsibility. If you have a question regarding the appropriateness or the content, and whether or not it fulfills desired class credits, you should contact the Vendor directly and/or your charter.


Annual Membership Fee: HEC collects an annual membership fee in the amount of $60 per student. This fee gives your student an annual membership from August 22, 2022- May 31st, 2023. Membership provides access to register for HEC classes, field trips & events found on the HEC website. The fee paid to HEC is non-refundable & is NOT prorated.

Annual Membership Fee payment: The Parent is responsible for the payment of the annual membership fee to HEC at time of enrolling in classes. Membership is paid through the website via Visa, MasterCard OR with Freedom, PCA, CPA & MVA Charter enrichment funds. 

If paying membership with charter funds, membership benefits do not start until a purchase order (Enrichment Certificate) is received. As per charter/vendor agreement, the vendor cannot provide services until purchase order is received as the charter will not guarantee payment to vendors for any services provided before purchase order is received.


Refund policy for membership fee: No refunds of HEC membership fees nor prorating of membership fees.


Paying for classes with Charter Funds: Each class needs to be paid individually in cash or with Charter Funds to each individual vendor. All Vendors working with HEC accept PCA, CPA & Freedom along with a variety of other charters. Each vendor should be accepting Elite Academy when requested. View the “About Teachers” page to see which charters each Vendor/instructor accepts. You can also contact them to see which charter they accept or they might be willing to accept other charters.


Out-of-pocket payments for Classes: A $50 non-refundable deposit fee is required to be sent to each vendor (Or see below for charter funds). Each vendor's preferred payment is listed on their class description. When paying, use friends or family only OR add a 5% fee into the fee when sending payment. Your child will be dropped if a deposit is not received.


If Paying with a charter funds, A $50 non-refundable registration/cancellation fee is still required to be paid when using enrichment funds. OR the vendor needs to receive an enrichment certificate (purchase order) for each class registered for within 5 business days. Your child will be dropped if an enrichment certificate is not received within that 5 business days. *Charter students may not save a spot in more than 5 classes at a time using enrichment funds.

Refund Policy of Class Fees: No refunds on classes after 2 weeks of classes; This means if you we are in the 3rd week of classes, whether your child attended the class or not, there are no refunds. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO NOTIFY HEC OR THE VENDOR IF YOU ARE DROPPING BEFORE THE 3RD WEEK STARTS! Full payment/ enrichment certificate is due! If your student attends any classes, and drops before the end of the 2nd week of classes starts, the vendor will keep a prorated amount including the $50 non-refundable registration/cancellation fee for those classes which will pay for any supplies they have purchased anticipating your child attending such classes.

Prorating Policies: HEC does not prorate classes until after the 6th week of actual classes (October 3rd, 2022 for 1st semester & February 27th, 2023 for 2nd semester). There are no prorating of classes because you are leaving the semester early, or because you only want to attend one day a week for a two day a week course.


The cost of a prorated class will never be less than 45% of the original class fee, but it is entirely up to the vendor on how much they will prorate. The vendor will also not prorate exactly per class missed as the vendor accounts a part of their fee supplies for the semester.

Vendor Communications: All communication between Parents and Vendors should be done directly through the Vendor’s contact information and the email that is provided in each class description.

Class Fees: The class fees cover one semester. Each semester consists of 16 non-consecutive weeks (16 weeks of teaching with holidays in between). If a teacher is unable to attend, they are required to have a substitute cover them. In the rare case that a sub cannot cover a class due to being last minute, the Vendor will offer a make-up class on zoom or after HEC campus hours. However, this is a decision made by the Vendor, not HEC.


Core Classes will have homework: If the Vendor assigns homework, this will be communicated with the families directly by the Vendors themselves. Please know that if you are enrolling in a Core class, there will be homework assigned by the instructor. Core classes are generally designed to have homework during the days off from HEC to fulfill the core outline for the year.


Classes, including content, days, dates and times are subject to change or cancel at the sole discretion of HEC. If a class does not meet the minimum number of students of 4 or more, the class may be canceled or the vendor may charge an additional amount to continue with low enrollment. Cancellation of a class is at the sole discretion of the Vendor & they will contact you with different options, if any.

Double booking of multiple classes for the same student, on the same day and time, is not permitted. If double booking is discovered, classes will be deleted, without notice.

Do not enroll in classes to save spots that you do not intend on taking. It is against HEC policy to enroll in more classes that you intend on taking. If you do not know what day or hours work best for you, wait until you know before enrolling. This is unfair to the teachers, students & HEC. You will lose your non-refundable registration/cancellation fees.

Field Trips/Events: Field trips are non-refundable unless HEC cancels. Upon registering for Field trips, payment is required. If payment is not received right away or an enrichment certificate within 3 days, your spot will be dropped.


Background Checks: Each charter school requires that a Vendor/Instructor complete a background check, including a LiveScan. HEC has not completed a separate background check. If you have a question regarding the background or suitability of any of the Vendors, please check with your Charter. Each charter will notify HEC of any misconduct on a vendor’s background check throughout the year.


Allergies: Because food and other allergies are a concern for so many families, HEC is designated as an “Allergy Aware” center. What that means is that we will do our best to provide a safe & healthy environment for children with food & other allergies. However we cannot guarantee the facilities will always be free from allergens that may affect your child. Be advised that we are using facilities where we are located only three days a week. That being said, we cannot control what goes on in between days while we are not in session. Although we can do our best on the three days we have, we cannot always enforce these policies.


Food on the campus: While HEC is in session, food is not allowed in the classrooms, with the exception of the Multi-Use Room & Kitchen (where we have cooking classes & lunch in this room). Although on rainy days, we will make an exception by allowing a group of students in a supervised room to eat their lunch. We will also have a designated area where nuts will not be allowed outside, such as the enclosed playground area. Nuts will be allowed in all areas of the center except on the playground. HEC makes no representations or warranties as to the suitability of the facilities for your child. We ask that Parents of students with severe allergies be aware of this when placing their children in classes. Parents may want to communicate with their child’s vendors about the severity of their child’s allergies.


Conduct: HEC does not permit any bullying, mistreating of others, bad language, hitting, disrespect towards instructors, staff or other students or rough behavior of any kind. Students are not allowed to run around in the hallway or courtyard area causing disruptions to classrooms or other families. If you witness this, please contact the site director. If this problem persists, that individual (parent, family or child) is at risk of being withdrawn from HEC without warning or refunds of any fees. HEC does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, or disability. No inappropriate online activity.


Internet access: Internet is available while on HEC campus but may only be used for school or for parent use only. There is to be no gaming or streaming of music. This slows down the internet for the teachers.


Marketing on Campus or 3rd party Business: HEC does not allow any marketing of any kind at our center. We do not allow any tutoring of any kind unless it is previously arranged by the director of HEC. There is to be no selling of unwanted junk on campus unless it is pre-authorized by the director in writing OR it is a planned campus-wide event.

Visitors on Campus: Visitors are on not allowed on campus unless they are supervising a student. If your child needs to have a school official on campus to observe them during class, we need written approval by the parent AND for that professional to show proof of credentials before allowing them access into to classrooms.


Unsupervised children:

Since HEC is not a drop off center or a school, parents are required to stay on campus. You cannot simply leave your child unsupervised & not in classes for the day. This means that your child should be supervised at all times. This means you cannot just leave your child unsupervised to run around the campus causing trouble & disturbing classrooms & others, including running an errand, being in the parking lot or not physically being able to see your child while they are not in class. This is for safety & liability reasons. However, we do offer some flexibility with our “Drop-Off” options, if you would like to drop-off for a half day or a full day. If you want to pay for the option to drop him off (essentially you are paying for daycare and/or liability for safety reasons) we can account for him in an emergency or an urgent situation. This also pays for our liability insurance for leaving students & our campus aides. It states that we will walk kids Tk-2nd grade as the older kids are old enough to be walked. $32 for half day or $70 for full day (& 1 hour of supervision) for the whole semester is not very much to pay for liability and safety.

​​​Drop Off Service: 

Full Day Drop off service is provided for an additional fee of $70 per semester (to be added upon registering). The service requires/includes:

  1. Full day Drop-Off, You will enroll your child in a minimum of 5 consecutive, same-day classes, not counting lunch.

  2. You will pay an additional fee for the “Drop-Off” service.

  3. We will ensure your child gets from class to class.

    1. We will walk 2nd grade & below to their classes.

  4. We will provide lunchtime supervision for 30-60 minutes that you choose between 11-12:00pm OR 12-1:00pm or any part thereof. 

  5. You may only choose one lunch hour, or any part thereof.

  6. *Half day Drop-Off, you will enroll your child in 3-4 consecutive, same day class with no gaps & no lunch either starting at 9:00am or ending at 2:55pm (or 3:25pm). No exceptions!


Tk to 13 years old: You are not allowed to leave your child on campus, unsupervised, unless you enroll in the “Child Drop Off Program” described below. This includes lunch time. Children are not allowed to be on HEC campus without paying the Drop-off fee and with no classes. Your child may not be on campus without being enrolled in class without supervision. This means you CANNOT drop them off to be on campus without being in classes at all times (without supervision).  We do not provide babysitting services. No exceptions! Ages 14 & up will be required to register for this if they are not following the campus rules...and/or the conduct discipline warnings do apply.

14-15 Years Old: You are not allowed to leave your child on campus, unattended/unsupervised without parental supervision or without being in a class. For teenagers age 14-15 years old, if you want to drop them off for the day & include a lunch period, then you are required to register them for a minimum of 5 classes between the hours of 9:00-3:00 or 8:00-2:00pm (leaving no gaps without classes). They need to be enrolled in a minimum of 5 classes in one day, with no gaps with the exception of one lunch period with a maximum of one 30-55 minutes, one time, between 11:00-12pm OR 12:00-1:00pm OR IF WE HAVE SPACE AVAILABLE, they can be a volunteer in a classroom for that unsupervised hour committing to the whole semester. Spots are limited. Please contact us to ask about a space. If we do not have the space, you will be required to register for a class during that hour. And if they do not show up or are not meeting the needs of the teacher in class properly, they will have to register for a class. We do not provide babysitting services. No exceptions!


16-18 Years Old: Students may come on & off campus & sit in the courtyard area to study quietly in between classes. If their conduct goes against our policies or campus rules, a parent will be called & they will no longer be able to stay on campus without supervision or being in a class. They are not on campus for us to watch them. Student can also volunteer in a classroom upon authorization with the director AND the instructor as long as there is a need.

*There is now a designated area just for middle-high schoolers to eat their lunch outside.

*If ANY student misbehaves & goes against the campus rules &/or HEC policies, they will be forced to enroll in the supervised “Drop-Off Service” or be given the Conduct Warning Discipline Steps (noted in the campus rules).


*Same rules apply while the student is volunteering in class. If the instructor says that student is not helping & not obeying HEC campus rules, that student will be forced to add another class to their schedule to fill that time.


NOTE: If a parent is on campus with their students, then the student does not need to be enrolled in the Drop-Off program. But, the parent(s) needs to supervise their children. It doesn’t mean their children have the ability to run around campus distracting other students, distracting classrooms, conducting themselves in a bad way. All rules apply to students & parents whether the parent is on campus or not. 

*Parents may get together to help supervise other students while they are on campus making sure they are responsible for each other's children. But that means the parent needs to actually supervise the child & be accountable for that child's actions.

Other Campus Rules

  • Your children may not be in a class if you have not properly enrolled them on HEC website & paid the $60 membership fee and paid fully for the class.


  • Friends of students that are not enrolled with HEC may not be on campus without a parent present.


  • Sick Policy: Sick children may not be brought to class. If your child is in class & sick, a parent will be called to pick them up

  • Students may not run around the campus, causing commotion, disturbing classrooms and other families around

  • Students may not be unsupervised on the campus while the parent is on campus with.

  • Be on time picking up your child from classes. 

    • If your child is not enrolled in the drop-off program, you child will be released on their own. If we continue to see that you are not on time of picking up your child, then you will be invoiced at the rate of $5 for every 10 minutes or any part thereof that you are later picking up your child from class.

    • If your child is in the drop-off program, and you are late picking up your child from class, there is a late fee of $5 for every 10 minutes or any part thereof that you are late in picking up your child from class. This shall be paid to the vendor or HEC OR the instructor via Venmo or Cash right away when invoiced. If not paid, then that child will not be able to continue taking classes until the invoice is paid. 


  • The speed limit in the parking lot is 5 miles per hour.


  • The multi-purpose room is for parents OR parents with their children OR during the hours of 11:00-1:00pm for children to eat lunch. This room is for inside behavior only. If children are behaving not appropriately or loudly, children will be asked to go outside. If your child is screaming, take them outside.

    • This room will also be used for outside classes during rainy days.


  • Students/Adults Conduct while on campus:

    • Be nice! No bullying, fighting or mistreating anyone on campus.

    • No inappropriate use of the internet access on HEC campus. No gaming, YouTube or streaming of music using the HEC's WIFI allowed.

    • No pets or dogs on campus unless it is pre-approved with a teacher for sharing. (Only seeing eye dogs allowed)

    • Weapons: Dangerous, sharp objects or weapons of any kind are not allowed on the campus.

    • Words: No profanity or foul language, gossiping or using damaging words towards anyone. If anyone hears this, it should be reported to a teacher or the director.

    • Inappropriate Discussions: No discussions of inappropriate sexual content. It isn't necessary and we need to be aware of young students around us.

    • Dress code: No profanity, vulgar or inappropriate images on clothing allowed. No showing of midriff or cleavage or short skirts or shorts. If a child comes to campus with inappropriate clothing, a parent will need to bring a change of clothing for that child & that child will not be allowed to go to class or walk around. Shorts & skirts may not show too much to wear buttocks are showing when bending over or the hem goes up to the crotch while sitting.

    • No phones in classes If a teacher or the director sees phones being used in the classroom, they will be taken away until the parent picks them up.

    • Pokémon Cards are prohibited on the campus (If the director or teacher sees them on campus, they will confiscate them & the parent will need to pick them up).


  • Treatment of the Campus & their surroundings. Students are to treat the campus grounds with respect. There is to be no destroying of the property whatsoever. Treat our plants & flowers nice! No pulling of plants or flowers, no destroying of bushes or trees. No throwing of food on the ground or littering. Treat our classrooms, carpet, desks, tables, chairs & tablecloths nice! Students are expected to pick up after themselves or even if they see a mess near them that they may not have made. Students are to be at a noise level that doesn’t disturb other classes or others around them. They are expected to clean off their lunch area or areas that they have sat. 

    • Students & Adults are to treat the bathrooms with respect. No clogging of toilets, sinks or making messes purposely. No use of toiletries for other reasons than what they are intended for or using mass amounts.

    • If there is damage done property on campus, that parents will be expected to pay for such damage.


  • Parents in Classrooms: Most of our classrooms are not big enough for students & parents to both be in the room. Parents are not always allowed to stay in class. Some vendors/teachers may not allow parents to stay. Ask the instructor in advance before registering, if you would like to stay in the classroom & if that instructor allows it. 


  • Siblings in the classroom, of any age, that have not paid for a class are not allowed to be in the class or participate in a class. This can be distracting to the students & not fair to the families that have paid for the class. Please do not ask the teachers if you can do this.​ Young toddlers are included in this as it is distracting to the other students that have paid for the class.


  • Playground Rules:

    • The playground equipment is for children 11 & under.

    • A parent, guardian or designated supervisor must be present on the enclosed playground in order to play. Sitting in your car & watching is not supervising. You cannot hear their language, if they are fighting or cannot access them if they get hurt.

    • No peanuts on the playground (this is our allergy safe area).

    • Take turns on playground equipment.

    • All other rules apply on playground too

Conduct Discipline Warnings:

  • 1st time is a warning with a phone call to parents.

  • 2nd time is 1 week suspension of coming to classes (no refunds for classes missed) & will be required to register in our drop-off program for $66. It is not prorated.

  • 3rd time a parent will need to be with that child at all times even sitting in the classroom with them.

  • 4th time is removal of student from all classes on campus with no refunds