Parent / Student Agreement


Homeschool Enrichment Centers (HEC) provides registration and coordination services to Homeschooling Parents (Parents) and prospective Vendors & Instructors (Vendors). HEC secures a location to hold classes and for Parents and Vendors to meet.


The following terms and conditions statements encapsulate the agreement between HEC and Parents.


Annual Membership Fee: HEC collects an annual membership fee in the amount of $45 per student. This fee gives your student an annual membership (June 2, 2020-June 1, 2021), providing access to the HEC classes found on the HEC website. The fee paid to HEC is non-refundable.

Annual Membership Fee payment: The Parent is responsible for the payment of the annual membership fee to HEC at time of enrolling in classes. HEC accepts Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, or eCheck. HEC does not accept charter fund purchase orders to pay membership fee. 


Refund policy for membership fee: No refunds of HEC membership fees. (**Please see COVID contingency plan during COVID pandemic).

Paying for classes with Charter Funds: Upon registering for classes, membership is due in order to save your spots in your child's classes. Immediately after enrolling in classes at HEC, Enrichment funds need to be ordered for each class. If this is summer & your funds have not been dispersed yet Enrichment funds need to be ordered when funds drop. Inspire funds drop July 1st, but Enrichment Certificates for Inspire can still be ordered before funds drop & just sit there until your funds drop. A snap shot photo of the order needs to be emailed to your vendor/teacher for proof of ordering.


Purchase Orders from other charters need to be ordered when funds drop. Other Charters drop by August 1st. If an Enrichment Certificate is not ordered for your child class, your child can be dropped by the vendor.


Out-of-pocket payments for Classes: A $25 deposit needs to be sent to each class vendor upon registering for each class. If this is the summer, you can pay the deposit by July 1st. Each vendor's preferred payment is listed on their class description.

Refund Policy of Class Fees: No refunds on classes after 1-2 weeks of classes; This means if your student attends a that 2nd week of classes, there are no refunds. Full payment/enrichment certificate is due! If student attends any classes, and drops before the end of the 2nd week of classes starts, the student can get a refund but the vendor has the right to charge for those classes attended. This is unfair to the vendor as the vendor will not be able to fill their class. If a vendor does not receive payment in a timely matter, the student may be asked to not return to HEC until the vendor is paid.

Prorating Policies: There are no prorating classes if student enrolls later in the semester until after 8 weeks into the semester. There is also no prorating classes because you are leaving the semester early. After 8 weeks of classes, it is entirely up to the vendor if they want to prorate the class. The cost of a prorated class will never be less than 50% of the original class fee.

Enrollment closes after the 10th week of classes.


All communication between Parents and Vendors should be done directly, through the Vendor’s contact information and the email that is provided.

Payment of Class Fees: It is the parent's responsibility to pay for the classes in which your child is registered. Each class needs to be paid individually in cash or with Charter Funds to each individual vendor. All Vendors working with HEC accept at least Inspire. Several accept more. Please see the individual class details on their description page for all Charters accepted by each vendor. Vendors will need a PO or Enrichment Certificate from your charter before starting class. 


Upon enrolling in classes, you are required to order your enrichment certificate with your charter. Your child will not be able to attend classes unless their Enrichment Certificate or payment is received. The Enrichment Certificate needs to be received BEFORE classes begin.


Classes: The class fees cover one semester. Each semester consists of 16 non-consecutive weeks (16 weeks of teaching with holidays in between). If a teacher is unable to attend, they should have a substitute to cover them. In the rare case that a sub cannot cover a class, the Vendor may offer a make-up class. However, this is a decision made by the Vendor, not HEC. The vendor doesn't need to provide a make-up if they have missed just one class.


HEC has not reviewed course content, materials or syllabus for any of the classes. Determination of the appropriateness of the content, rigor or fit for your student’s needs is your responsibility. If you have a question regarding the appropriateness or the content, and whether or not it fulfills desired class credits, you should contact the Vendor directly and/or your charter.


If the Vendor assigns homework, this will be communicated with the families directly by the Vendors themselves. Please know that if you are enrolling in a Core class, there will be homework assigned by the instructor. Core classes are generally designed to have homework during the days off from HEC to fulfill the core outline for the year.


Classes, including content, days, dates and times are subject to change at the sole discretion of HEC. If a class does not meet the minimum number of students of 4 or more, the class could be canceled. Cancellation of a class is at the sole discretion of the Vendor & they will contact you with different options, if any.

Double booking of multiple classes for the same student, on the same day and time, is not permitted. If double booking is discovered, classes will be deleted, without notice.

Enrichment Day Camps: Enrichment Day Camps are not the same as semester classes & are non-refundable unless HEC cancels. All deposits & payments made are non-refundable.

Field Trips: Field trips are non-refundable unless HEC cancels.


Background Checks: Each charter requires that a Vendor complete a background check, including a LiveScan. HEC has not completed a separate background check. If you have a question regarding the background or suitability of any of the Vendors, please check with your Charter.


Allergies: Because food and other allergies are a concern for so many families, HEC is designated as an “Allergy Aware” center. What that means is that we will do our best to provide a safe & healthy environment for children with food & other allergies. However we cannot guarantee the facilities will always be free from allergens that may affect your child. Be advised that we are using facilities where we are located only three days a week. That being said, we cannot control what goes on in between days while we are not in session. Although we can do our best on the three days we have, we cannot always enforce these policies.


The following will apply with regard to food on the campus, while HEC is in session, we have a general rule that food is not allowed in any of the classrooms, with the exception of the Fellowship Hall & Kitchen (where we have cooking classes & lunch in this room). We will also have a designated area where food will not be allowed outside, such as the enclosed playground area. Food will be allowed in all areas of the center except on the playground. We believe this is a good idea for allergies but also to maintain a good relationship with our landlord by leaving a clean environment when we close up each day. HEC makes no representations or warranties as to the suitability of the facilities for your child. We ask that Parents of students with severe allergies be aware of this when placing their children in classes. Parents may want to communicate with their child’s vendors about the severity of their child’s allergies.


Conduct: HEC does not permit any bullying, mistreating of others, bad language, hitting, disrespect towards instructors, staff or other students or rough behavior of any kind. If you witness this, please contact the site director. If this problem persists, that individual (family or child) is at risk of being withdrawn from HEC without warning or refunds of any fees. HEC does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, or disability.


Additional Terms: HEC does not allow any marketing of any kind at our center. We also do not allow any tutoring of any kind unless it is previously arranged by the director of HEC.


Homeschool Enrichment Centers is not a school. Parents should not consider HEC to be a school. We provide a location for Parents and Vendors to come together. Homeschooling Parents are aware that it is their responsibility to ensure the classes scheduled for their students are appropriate. Although we are not a drop off center, we do not require you to volunteer or stay. If you are looking for a day to drop off, there are other homeschool options that are made to be drop off centers. If you think your child is old enough & mature enough to be able to walk from one class to another & be unsupervised during lunch, that is up to you as the Parent. We do not have enough supervision on campus to make sure your child gets to class. If you do leave your child, your child is not allowed to be on campus without being enrolled in a class with the exception of our designated lunch hour, between the hours of 12:00-1:00, although we still have classes during lunch hour. A child under the age of ten is not old enough to be on his/her own to be unsupervised. Many parents get together & take turns supervising.

Agreement: This is the entire agreement. By registering for and enrolling your students in classes whether online or in person, Parents acknowledge that they have read, agree to and will abide by these terms and conditions. A copy of this agreement is available on our website at


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