IMPORTANT! Read Below!
Do not purchase until you read below!


Field Trip Payment method has changed & require payment at checkout with credit card

  1. All events & Field trips are for members only.  All children 4 years old & older are required to have a membership.

  2. To register a Parent, add a parent onto the registration when adding your child.

  3. To register a Child under 4 years old who does not have a membership, please 1st register & checkout with your children that are members, then go back & register your under aged child or any additional parents, but register them under the name of one of your children with a membership...You cannot do this in 1 transaction. It needs to be done in 2 separate transactions. Basically you are registering your same children twice to make up for the amount of people that are attending this field trip

  4. If you would like to use Enrichment Funds to pay for a field trip or event that costs $12 or above, you will need to order your enrichment certificate first before registering. Once I receive your Enrichment Certificate, I will register your child for the trip.  There is no saving of spots until I receive their Enrichment Certificate. 

  5. There are NO REFUNDS on Field Trips or Events unless HEC CANCELS the event

  6. If both parents are attending, AFTER checking out, go back into the system & purchase the other parent separately, but under the same parents name as you registered first.

  7. Field trips may cancel if there isn't enough registered to meet the minimum & you would be refunded. 

See below for all the field current field trips and events we offer!