IS HEC a school?

HEC is not a school. We do not keep records or collect shot records. We are considered to be learning center that offers core, elective & enrichment classes to supplement your homeschooling needs.

You can take all core classes or just enrichment classes,  or a mix of both;
it's your choice.

Families can enroll in either an independent homeschool charter, a PSP or file a Private school affidavit with the state of CA.

The director can help walk you through the best way to fit your homeschool needs.  Your membership comes with a one hour of consultation per family.

Can my Child fulfill all of their core subjects at HEC?

YES!Although HEC is not a school, you can still fulfill all of your child's core subjects at HEC by creating a schedule that includes all of the subjects.

Click Here for Pre-chosen Core schedules for your child, so don't have to do all of the work.
All 4 subject will be pre-chosen to meet your core subject needs of
Math, Language Arts, Science & Social Studies & then you can choose extra curricular or enrichment to fill the in the rest.