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HEC Membership

  • Membership is $74 per school year per student. If you have more than 4 children, then we cap the membership at $296 per family when paying out of pocket. This does not apply if using charter funds.

  • Memberships are from August 26, 2024-May 31st, 2025

  • Memberships are not prorated.

  • Families with more than 4 children has a maximum of $296 when paying out of pocket. This does not apply when paying the membership with Charter funds. 

  • There are no other discounts.

  • Memberships are non-refundable & cannot be transferred to another student. It will not be refunded if you paid it out of pocket & then now want to pay for it with funds later.

Membership Includes: 

  • Access to registering to any classes or camps at the HEC campus for the school year paid to our vendors

  • Access to field trips being held through the school year.

  • Access to social events & activities throughout the school year which include but are not limited to: Entrepreneur Fair with training, Fall Festival, Art workshops, educational events & workshops for kids, Game day, Community park or hike planned events, Holiday arts & crafts shows & events, Photo day, curriculum swaps, end of the year party, teen volunteer program, Prom and more.

  • Consultation with the director for 30 minutes about homeschooling, resources such as being new to homeschooling, what avenue to go for homeschooling, industry vendors, curriculum, websites, and more OR 

  • Assistance from the director with organizing a schedule.

  • Olympic games OR Water Balloon Extravaganza

  • Use of the following facilities when in session: Basketball courts, volleyball court, playground, Gaga ball pit

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