HEC Membership

Membership is $45 per school year per student.


Memberships are from September 1st-May 31st the following year (with a free Summer membership attached- expiring August 31st). For the year 2021/2022- Memberships start June 1st.

Memberships are not prorated.

Families with more than 4 children can purchase the "Family Membership" that has a maximum of $180 when paying out of pocket. This does not apply when paying the membership with Charter funds.

There are no other discounts. 

Membership Includes: 


Access to registering to any classes or camps at the HEC campus for the school year paid to vendors.


Access to field trips being held through the school year paid to vendors.


Access to social events & activities throughout the school year which include but are not limited to: Entrepreneur Fair, Fall Festival, Art events, Game day, Holiday events, Photo day, book fairs, curriculum swaps, end of the year celebration, teen volunteer program, homeschool speakers and more.

Free summer membership comes with school year membership. 


Consultation with the director for 30 minutes about homeschooling & resources such as being new to homeschooling, what avenue to go for homeschooling, industry vendors, curriculum, websites, and more!


Assistance from the director with organizing a schedule.

To purchase a membership, go to Fall 2021 Click Below