Registration Instructions

Please view the tutorial video above for more detailed instructions on how to navigate the website. 

Step by step instructions on how to order:

  1. Pay for membership out of pocket. If you are paying for classes out of pocket skip to #7.

  2. If you want to use charter funds to pay for the $45 membership fee then you will order an enrichment certificate (a fancy word for purchase order) to pay for the membership to Homeschool Enrichment Centers. This will need to wait until you have access to your service funds on August 2nd.

  3. This can take a while. You can ask your assigned teacher to expedite it.

  4.  Email me at that you ordered the certificates with the following info:

    1. Your name, date your ordered

    2. Your children’s name

    3. Your email

    4. Your phone number.

  5. As soon as I receive your enrichment certificate from your charter, I will email you with a coupon to then purchase memberships for your children.

  6. When you receive that code, Go to, go to the “memberships” button. Purchase only memberships individually for each child. Use that coupon code at checkout.

  7. After you are finished purchasing memberships, you can register for classes.

  8. Register for as many classes as you want & then checkout. As you can see in each class description, it tells you how to pay for the individual teachers/vendors classes. If you are paying with charter funds, follow the directions on how to send enrichment certificates. If you are paying out of pocket, send payment with the directions in each class description to each teacher & skip to #10.

  9. After you are finished checking out, go to your charter's ordering system & order enrichment certificates for each class that you purchased.

  10. You will not be able to start any classes until your payment or charter enrichment certificates are received by each teacher/vendor.