What makes HEC Unique? 

We know choosing a homeschool program for your kids can be overwhelming. We hope to come alongside you to encourage your kids growth in all areas of life. Here are a few reasons we feel we can help make your choice easier and provide the best for not only your child(ren), but your family as well. 


  • Our teachers are highly qualified in their subjects and have been teaching for years

  • You get to have a choice in what classes you pick 


  • You can choose to do a “drop-off” school day 1-3 days a week

  • We believe in hands-on learning through art, projects, critical thinking & kinesthetic learning


  • Children get to learn from multiple teachers in their professional field rather from one teacher all day

  • Children get to move to different classes every hour to change their scenery, teacher & learning


  • Parents can choose core classes with chosen curriculum OR choose fun enrichment classes to go along with what they are learning at home


  • Parents get a CHOICE in their child’s curriculum.


  • Students are doing quality activities & art that stand out from any other normal classroom environment

What we do

 Homeschool Enrichment Centers (HEC) provides a safe place where homeschool families can come together, take classes, participate in community events & field trips and receive support and encouragement from knowledgeable people & one another. Whether they are looking for a couple of enrichment classes, extra-curricular classes or core classes, homeschool families can find it here. HEC offers a healthy environment where parents feel welcomed, and children in grades TK-12 can learn. We offer community building activities & events such as fall festivals, thanksgiving feasts, entrepreneurship fairs, valentine’s exchanges & an end of the year books celebration.


Why we do it 

Why is this necessary for homeschoolers? It gives homeschoolers the ability to meet other homeschooler families & builds relationships within the homeschool community. It gives homeschool parents more time to work on the subjects they have a gift in & use our services to help in subjects they need help in.

How it works

The HEC campus is open three days a week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, during the regular school year. HEC will ensure the space is appropriate for the needs of the instructors and the safety and well being of the children. HEC will list available classes & events on its website and provide the tools for parents to register their children for the classes. Parents will pay a small annual membership fee to HEC each school year. HEC does not collect funds for the classes taught. Parents pay the vendors directly choosing to pay out of pocket or use charter funds from their charter school.

What we offer 

Reading, Language Arts, IEW, Music, Math for all grades, Sciences, PE, Archery, Sewing, Chess, Cooking, Robotics, Cake Decorating, Multiple Foreign Languages, Video Game Design, Social studies, Theater, Art, social studies and many more.