There are many classes and teachers that make HEC great, but there's nothing more assuring than hearing from other homeschool moms' experiences when deciding if HEC is the right place and fit for your family's needs.


Heather Sandifer

"HEC provides our daughter with a large variety of fun, engaging and interactive classes, and gives our social butterfly the opportunity to spread her wings and spend time with other kids her age.  Our HEC teachers have gone out of their way, and over and beyond my expectations, to make my life easier as a parent. This proved to be such a blessing during the pandemic when so many things were unpredictable, I always felt I could rely on our HEC family! We have already enrolled in more than 10 classes and our daughter is only in the first grade. We continue to look forward to the fun and interesting opportunities the next school year will bring. Thank you for all you do to support our homeschooling journey!"

Alessia Mogavero

"HEC is a great place, where our daughters attend so many different classes they enjoy! Every week, they look forward to going to class and, during summer break, they miss it so much they can’t wait to go back! This is our third semester at HEC and we have found amazing teachers, who are passionate about their field and teach with enthusiasm. That’s so great to see! We love the campus and Leslie has been a wonderful leader, so organized and kind, always available to listen, and open to new ideas to make HEC an even greater center! It’s awesome to see my kids so happy and motivated, learning so much, loving what they learn and making new friends, while I associate with nice Moms in a safe and rich environment, where people encourage and help each other. We also love the Field trips and all the special events! We only have great things to

say about our experience. We definitely recommend HEC to all homeschooling families!"


Juls Nguyen Pancho

We knew we were going to homeschool but we honestly didn't know how we were going to do it.  Upon discovering HEC and their amazing selection of classes, we knew this was the right path for our youngest son.  Learning is so much fun for him.  Whether it is Minecraft Junior Game Creators, Kung Fu or Spanish (just to name a few), the teachers are all so gifted in the special ways they engage with the students.  We also love all of the great field trips and camps HEC puts together for the kids and families.  The director, staff, teachers and community all provide such a positive environment and we feel so blessed to be a part of the HEC family!

Melissa Stone

The best way I can describe the Homeschool Enrichment Center is a God send.  We move often with the military and found HEC right away.  We enrolled two of our kiddos in just a few classes to try it out.  After a few weeks I was kicking myself for not enrolling them in more classes.  The girls LOVED everything about the classes, the vendors, the site, Leslie-the lead, and their new friends.  They begged for more classes.  The next semester we signed up for even more classes and utilized the day drop off program.  The kids enjoy every moment of their small classes, true friendships, the focus on the subject, and they enjoy learning! The field trips have been so exciting! Things that the kids remember even a year later.  They truly learn so much, I learn so much. My kids have an overwhelming love of learning, so much due to the HEC, which is worth everything!!