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Mary Aragon

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US Presidents, Medal of Honor,

Wild Readers

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Kathy Kendrick

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American Sign Language  Tk-12th

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Melissa Allen

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Archaeology, US History, Ancient History, Medieval Era, Government, Crafting thru Histories, World Wars, Living History, Ruins Ancient World, Kinddoms & Monarchies...

Patrick Hinke

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Advanced & Beginner Guitar, Ukulele, Garage Band, Song Writing, Voice

Tina Perri

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"Who Was?" & "I Survived" Literature  thru History, Comic Strip & Animation Writing, Creative Writing, Writing My Autobiography, Literature Through Great Books, 1st Gr. Math ...

Joicia Alvin 2.jpeg

Joicia Alvin

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Learn to Read, Chant Write Play, Number Ninjas, Kinder Math, Elevating Reading, Beyond Phonics, Reading Comprehension...

Elizabeth Blackmore

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Pokemon Writing, Grammar Detectives: Parts of Speech,  Math Busters: Fractions & Decimals, Kinder Academy- TK/K 

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Bill Leavens

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Play-Well Engineering, Play-Well Masters, WEDO/ Ev3/Pokemon Master Robotics Using LEGO®...

Mary York

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Debate Club, Intro to Journalism, Spanish 3-12th grade

Mary Longbottom.png

Mary Longbottom

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Lapbooking: American Girl, Magic Tree House, & Magic School Bus; Creepy Crawlers, Botany, Water Colors, Geography thru Animal Art, Tk-2nd Spanish, Story of the World...


Sarah Francis

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Adventures In World Geography, Dungeons and Dragons, Spelling & Vocabulary, Body Systems Adventure, Theater

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Pamala Gray

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Science of Gardening, Gardening Adventures, Thursday Little Learners

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Roberta Lenert

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Biztown, Marine Biology, Zoology

Scott Farrell

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Medieval Sword Fighting & History

LaChrisha Randle.jpeg

LaChrisha Randle

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IEW US History Writing, Narnia IEW, High School Composition & Literature, Essay & Research Writing, Fun & Fascinating IEW, Grammar & Diagramming...

Tamberly Slagle

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Baking & Decorating, I Can Cook It, I Can Make It, Cooking Around the World, Healthy Fusion Cooking, Photography 101

Michelle Magarian.jpg

Michelle Magarian

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Ceramics, Art of Story Animation, Masters of the Past, Upcycling, Mixed Art Media, Creative Book Making, Disney themed Art, Print Making Art with Wood & Glass, Fine Art...

Mario Mayorga.jpg

Sifu Mario Mayorga

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Kung Fu

Leslie Erickson

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2nd-5th Grade Math  Earth & Astronomy Core Science

Jeremiah Wilson

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Parkour Fitness, Sports Rotation, Tiny Tots, Playground Action Games, Ninja Fitness, Zombie Outbreak, Wacky Science, Survival Engineering, Natural Disasters...

Kiersten Smith

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Music and Movement, Beginning Violin

Jeremy Wilson

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Physical Science, Grossology, Graphic Design, Creative Design & Engineering, Arduino, Drone Photography, Smart Kids Science, Medieval War Inventions, Stop Motion Animation, Financial Literacy...

Mary Resenbeck.jpg

Mary Resenbeck

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American Revolution Musical History, American Symbols Musical History

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Amy Martinez

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Tk Club & Kinder Club

Nicholas Wilson

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Jr. Video Game Creators / Minecraft Jr., 3D Game Development, Video Game Creators, YouTube & Video Production

Bradley Richardson

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Algebra I & II, Math 6/7, PreAlgebra, Building Computers,  Critical Thinking & Word Problems, High School Chemistry w/ Lab

Jaimee Brant

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American Girl Doll Clothing, Crafty Creatures, Fashion Design, Junior Sewers, Quilt Makers, Beginning Sewing Machine

Alisha Curtin

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CPR & First Aid, Life Skills, Pioneer Cooking, Frontier Kids, High School Biology, Urban Farming, Earth & Astronomy Lapbooking, Biology Dissecting, Weather & Astronomy


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