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What does Homeschooling Look Like?

Some think that homeschooling is what they were doing in distant learning. Distant learning is nothing like homeschooling. Distant learning forced families to do something they were not ready for. Distant learning ended up being a filler for kids to fill their time with busy work.  Distant learning was a way to "recreate" what students were doing at school, but do it at home.

Some think that you need to replicate what traditional schools do, but at home, such as creating a classroom with desks & making school be from 8:00-2:30 everyday. This is NOT homeschool. Traditional schools have a ton of fillers throughout the day. They assign a lot of busy work. The teachers have to go at a pace of the slowest student in the class. Kids are also assigned homework to do beyond their regular school day. Homeschool can be done in 20%-30% of the time that is normally spend at a traditional school.

Homeschooling does NOT replicate traditional school. You can school on the couch, on the floor, in the car, at the coffee shop (or donut shop). You can school at a friends & with friends in a pod or a co-op. You can combine all grades & do science together or history together. You can do science through all hands-on learning. Science, History, Math & Language Arts can be done with projects or through art or in nature. Homeschooling can be taking a few classes at HEC!

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There are also different types of homeschooling:


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Unit Study

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