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HEC Teen Volunteer Program

HEC, along side some HEC teachers, is excited to offer a teen volunteer program to help our teens get their community service hours. In order to be considered for this program, the following is required. Please know that we are limited in the number of volunteers we need and you are not guaranteed to get a volunteering job.

  • Must be 14 years old & in high school

  • If being dropped off, Must be enrolled in a minimum of 4 classes between 9:00-3:00pm for the day you are volunteering.

  • If your parent is staying on campus, the minimum of classes are 1 class per day that you are volunteering.

  • Must be mature & able to follow instructions clearly

  • Must want to be there (not forced by parent)

  • Must like working with children

  • No technology (cell phones/iphones) is allowed while volunteering

  • Dressed appropriately & modestly (No short shorts, no midriff showing, no cleavage shown), hair tidy & presentable

  • Must be a good example to younger children while volunteering & outside of volunteering.

  • Fully able to commit for the full semester

  • Do not come to the campus sick. If you are not able to make it, call the teacher that you volunteer for to let her know.

  • Do not miss more than 2 days in the semester

  • Do not bring siblings or friends to volunteer with you

  • If any of the above is not in compliance, volunteering can end abruptly without notice.

If all of the above fits you & you would like to proceed, please print out the application, scan & send to Please know that applying is not an automatic approval.

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