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Homeschooling independently, under a

Private School Program

If you decide to go with a Private School (Satellite) Program (PSP):

  1. Private School (Satellite) Program (PSP)

  2. This is kind of like filing under an organization that filled a PSA.

  3. It is like it is a private school (but for admin only)

    1. A PSP does NOT provide classes.

    2. They provide filing & admin, such as the keeping of grades & attendance.

    3. They provide transcripts.

  4. It could cost $50-$200 a month.

  5. Some PSP’s offer co-op’s.

    1. Co-op’s are where the parents all stay & help teach classes on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

  6. Some PSP’s offer classes within their umbrella or with outside sources such as with HEC.

    1. You would pay out of pocket for these classes to whoever is offering them, like a private school.

Some options for Private School Programs are:



California Christian Academy 

Cedar Life Academy

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