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Homeschooling under an

Independent Study Homeschool Charters

There are different types of charter schools. Not all charters are homeschool charters or offer homeschooling options. There are brick & mortar charters that you see in your neighborhood such as Literacy First, Liberty High School, Steele Canyon High School... These are all charters that operate as a normal school. 

Then there are hybrid charter schools. These charters combine brick & mortar attendance with partial homeschooling. Some allow you to choose your own curriculum & some operate similar to a normal school where you cannot choose your own curriculum & you follow the same curriculum as the rest of the class. 

Then there are Independent Study Homeschool Charters. These are charters that operate without a brick & mortar. They usually allow you choice in curriculum or at least a choice of approved curriculum. They assign you an educational coach to help you in your choices, help answer any questions, support you & guide you each year by meeting you once a month to go over what you are teaching your children & to make sure you are meeting standards. This type of Homeschool charter will allot a certain amount of funding for you to use towards curriculum, outside classes or extracurricular activities from approved vendors that educationally benefit the child. The funding can range from $1000-$3,800 a year.

All of HEC's vendors are approved with a variety of Independent Study
Homeschool Charters.

HEC membership fees are only paid by the following charters: PCA, SoCal Scholars Academy, Suncoast, Freedom Academy, CPA, MVA. No other charter will pay for membership registration fees, so these will need to be paid out of pocket.

Most of our San Diego HEC vendors accept are PCA, SoCal Scholars Academy, CPA, Freedom, Excel, & Suncoast Preparatory Academy.

Most of our Riverside HEC vendors accept: MVA, 
CPA, Suncoast Preparatory Academy & Granite Mountain

Cabrillo Point Academy (CPA)
Mission Vista Academy (MVA)
Pacific Coast Academy (PCA)
Freedom Academy
SunCoast Preparatory Academy
SoCal Scholars Academy

Elite Academic Academy
Dimensions Element Education-

Excel Academy
Sage Oak Academy
Compass Charter Schools
Springs Charter


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