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Helpful Online Sources


California Homeschool Network

Christian Home Educators of CA (CHEA)

The Homeschool Mom

Singapore Math Placement Tests

Helpful Curriculum Sources

Cathy Duffy reviews homeschool curriculum & has been a valuable resource for choosing curriculum that best fits your child's personality. She rates curriculum. Names her top 100. You can review all in one curriculum, online, textbooks, through literature, living books, name it.

Rainbow Resource is a wonderful online store to purchase secular & religious curriculum. You can view sample pages & they are an approved store for purchasing curriculum with charters.

Christian Book has just about as much curriculum choices as Rainbow Resources including secular curriculum. They seem to have more choices in reading literature. You can view a little more sample pages than Rainbow Resource.

Christian Book is an approved store for purchasing curriculum with most charters.

Amazon is always a favorite for fast delivery of curriculum & literature, but could be more expensive. I would compare prices before purchasing.  The benefit of faster & free prime shipping can outweigh the higher cost. Amazon is an approved

store for purchasing curriculum with charters.


Homeschool Conventions

The Great Homeschool Convention serves both secular & religious homeschoolers. It is one of the largest homeschool conventions. It is a great source for learning how to homeschool, why to homeschool & learning

about the 100's of different types of curriculum.

Great Homeschool Convention

Christian Home Educators Association Conference is a Christian Homeschool Convention therefore only Christian curriculum is represented at this convention.

CHEA Conference

California Homeschool Network puts on a smaller convention but more geared towards the whole family.

California Homeschool Network Family Expo

For those that Game school. This is popular for unschoolers too.

Game School Convention

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