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How do I start Homeschooling?

Step by step instructions on how to start.


  1. Don’t think “traditional school'' anymore.

    1. Think out of the box.

    2. Teachers take longer because they have 30 students & they have to divide their attention.

    3. Teachers assign a lot of busy work to their students so they can help each one’s needs as best they can over the course of a day.

    4. Traditional schools are filled with a lot of unnecessary fluff.

    5. Traditional school is set up to be boring with sitting for many hours each day, not allowing any room for individuality or each child’s gifts or weaknesses.

  2. Research curriculum (don’t purchase it yet).

    1. Cathy Duffy Reviews is a great resource for researching curriculum.

    2. Don’t go to the “all in one” curriculum. This will serve all subjects for one grade.

      1. Your child may excel in math but not excel in writing so you wouldn’t want to buy all one grade of one curriculum.

      2. Most all in one curriculum sets are very pricey

      3. Most all in one curriculum sets are way too much & overwhelming.

    3. There are different approaches to curriculum such as:

      1. Traditional through textbooks

      2. Unschooling (child lead)

      3. Through literature

      4. Mod podge of different things put together

      5. Live Online

      6. Recorded online/online programs

      7. Through co-ops

      8. Through outside enrichment classes

      9. Combination of all of the above

  3. Decide if you will be going through an Independent Homeschool Charter, filing your own school without government overhead or going through a PSP.

    1. If you decide to go through an Independent Homeschool Charter 

      1. An independent homeschool charter does NOT have a brick & mortar building. They are not the same as just a charter school with a building,

      2. If you decide to do a charter there are many options (Ones mentioned below are in San Diego) All of HEC vendors accept the first 3 mentioned below.

        1. Pacific Coast Academy

        2. Cabrillo Point Academy

        3. Mission Vista Academy

        4. Freedom Academy

        5. Elite Academy

        6. Sage Oak Charter

      3. Once you get into a charter school

        1. They will give you funding to use towards paying for curriculum or outside classes with their approved vendors

          1. Funding ranges from $2000-$3400 a year.

          2. This funding is put into an account where you order funds to be paid to approved vendors only.

        2. They assign you a counselor or homeschool teacher that you meet with once a month to make sure you are doing what you are supposed to be doing to meet CA state guidelines.

        3. They also collect some samples of the work you did the week before with your kids.

        4. That teacher guides you; but you are still the teacher of your kids.

    2. If you decide to go with filing a Private School Affidavit (PSA):

      1. You would refile each year after

      2. Step-by-Step instruction on how to file with the state of CA

      3. More information on how to file a PSA

      4. File a PSA here

        1. This is free. It is basically telling the state of CA that you are filing your own school. You are not asking permission.

        2. It will ask you who the teacher is & the principal is. That is the mom, dad or grandparents.

        3. It will ask you to name your school

        4. It will ask you to name your do not need to have a credential or a degree to teach your own child.

        5. You do not need to keep track of grades as a PSA until you get to High School.

          1. When in High School you would keep track of grades & classes to add to their transcript.

          2. You can create your own transcript with a letterhead with your school name.

          3. You can also find templates for a small fee or pay someone to create a transcript for you for a small fee.

            1. And yes, these are legal transcripts that college will take. When it comes time to send transcripts, you would send transcripts in a sealed envelope to universities.

      5. I suggest joining the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) if you choose to go the PSA route.

        1. They are a great resource for any homeschool legal issues and can help with how to exit the public schools.

        2. If anything arises they have attorneys in every state that can help.

    3. If you decide to go with a Private School (Satellite) Program (PSP):

      1. A PSP such as Promises School K-12th

      2. This is kind of like filing under an organization that filled a PSA.

      3. It is like it is a private school (but for admin only)

        1. A PSP does NOT provide classes.

        2. It provides filing & admin, such as the keeping of grades & attendance.

        3. It can also provide a transcript.

      4. It could cost $50-$200 a month.

      5. Some PSP’s offer co-op’s.

        1. Co-op’s are where the parents all stay & help teach classes on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

      6. Some PSP’s offer classes.

        1. You would pay out of pocket for these classes to whoever is offering them, like a private school.

  4. Once you decide which way you are going to homeschool & have signed the PSA, PSP or the Charter you are going with, you can now tell your kids school your child will no longer be going to that school.

    1. Write an email or handwritten note telling the school “As of this date, my child _____, will no longer be enrolled at _____school. Their new school will send for their Cum folder.

      1. If with a PSA, You can send for her Cum folder through a PSA with a letterhead with your school name.

        1. PSA’s cannot be filed until October 1st.

      2. If with a Charter or PSP, they will request their Cum folder.

  5. Start Homeschooling. Do not overload yourself or your child with unnecessary things.

    1. Order curriculum

      1. Order curriculum that meets your needs & your child’s needs.




        4. Ebay

        5. Used at Homeschool Marketplace

          1. Look for Homeschool curriculum​

      2. Don’t purchase too much!

      3. You don’t need to finish all pages of the workbook or textbook curriculum.

        1. If your child gets the concept, move on.

        2. Nobody is keeping tabs on you if you miss work, a worksheet, a lesson or a day (or a few days) of school.

          1. A homeschool day can be 1 hour.

    2. De-School

      1. De-schooling is getting out of your child’s head & your head the “traditional school” model.

        1. Make days fun & short

        2. Go outside & do fun, educational field trips

      2. It is recommended by many veteran homeschoolers to only work on Language Arts & Math & ease into history & science later.

    3. Remember. homeschool doesn’t look like traditional school. 

      1. See attachment of the hours you should homeschool each day.

      2. Science & History does not need a textbook or set curriculum especially at the elementary age.

      3. You can teach all of your kids of different ages the same history & science.

      4. And in some cases, if your kids are at the same level, you can teach them the same language arts & Math.

      5. You can have your older kids help with the younger kids by reading to them or helping them with other subjects.

  6. Get help!

    1. Homeschool with another family

    2. Send them to an enrichment center 1-2 days a week.

    3. Join a co-op that you all take turns in a large group teaching.

    4. Join a weekly outside park day group or a nature group.

    5. Go on weekly or bi-weekly field trips that the kids look forward to

    6. Take a break when needed.

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