Members Only

All Events are for HEC members only. All children 4 1/2 years & older are required to have a membership in order to register for events or field trips. Parents do not need a membership. Please email us with their name & birthdate. 

Register  Parents

You will need to register parents separately, but under the child's name that is attending the field trip (yes, register that child twice for the parent). For field trips that say students, that means there is a separate charge for the parents. 

Register Younger Siblings

To register a Child sibling under 4 1/2 years old for field trips only, who does not have a membership, 1st register & checkout with your children that are members, then go back & register your under aged child under one of your  children with a membership in a separate transaction. 

To use Enrichment Funds to pay for a field trip or event, order your enrichment certificate before registering. Once your Enrichment Certificate is received, we will register your child for the trip.  There are no saving spots until we receive their Enrichment Certificate. Then go in & register you as the parent.

Using Charter Funds


There are no refunds on field trips once you register, except if HEC cancels the field trip. Sometimes we may have to cancel due to not enough to meet the minimum. Or due to weather we may need to reschedule.