IMPORTANT! Read Below!
Do not purchase until you've read below!

  1. There are NO REFUNDS on Field Trips or Events unless HEC CANCELS the event. 

  2. When paying with Venmo or Paypal- pay with "Friends & Family" only or add a 6% fee if paying with services. If payment is not paid this way, you will be dropped from the field trip.

  3. All events & Field trips are for members only. If you have children younger than 4 1/2 then they can come along with field trips with a sibling who is a member. Otherwise, children  4 1/2 & up need to become a member.

  4. *In order to register a parent, register your child & YOU, as the parent when registering. If you are registering an under aged child, register one of your children (with membership) twice. In order to register them twice, you would need to do this in 2 different transactions. Register kids, then go back & register your under aged child under the name of one of your children with membership.

  5. Payment is required within 24 hours of registering or you will be dropped from the Event/Field Trip. Or Enrichment Certificate in 3 days. No Charter payments for field trips under $11....NO exceptions! 

  6. Charter Payments go to Homeschool Enrichment Services (NOT HEC).

  7. Field trips may cancel if there isn't enough registered to meet the minimum